Maps for Θεσσαλονικη/Thessaloniki

On a recent trip to Thessaloniki I acquired quite a few maps of the city. It turns out that finding a really good one is not trivial. Here’s the one I kept going back to:

Fraport map

This is the Fraport map which is available for free at the airport. (I found a display of them in the baggage claim area.) I’ve written in the bus routes on the major avenues myself. The cover looks like this:

Fraport map cover

But I was not able to get a hold of this map before arriving. The map that I printed out at home was this one:


You can download this as a PDF from   It’s good but a bit hard to read.

Some of the other maps you can acquire in Thessaloniki itself are worth looking at. The next three I picked up at the tourist information point at the bottom of Aristolelous. Here is their Thessaloniki City Map:

city map

As you can see, not all streets are labelled. Its cover looks like this:

city map cover


And there is the even more spare Thessaloniki Museums’ Map:

museums map

and its cover…

museums map cover

And the Thessaloniki Monuments Map:

monuments map

with its cover (this is the Greek edition):

monuments map cover

I have to say the Museums’ and Monuments Maps are so skeletal as to be useless for navigation in the city. Also, there’s some inconsistency.  The Museums’ map and the Monuments map both identify the street that leads south from Antigonidon Square to Egnatia as “Παπαζωλη/Papazoli,” whereas the other maps agree that it is called “Antigonidon.”

A map that I bought in a bookstore was this “Best of” map:

best of map

Its cover:

best of map cover

It’s pretty good, but the lamination actually caused me not to use it. Too hard to draw on.

Last but not least, that all-important bus route map. You can get this at the tourist info point as well.

bus map

Its cover:

bus map cover

This is a tiny map, and not quite as detailed as you might like, but oh-so-valuable. You don’t use it for finding your way around on foot, only for figuring out where bus routes go and which one you want.