A new map of the Bulkley Valley

When I attended the ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop in Banff last spring, I was encouraged by a number of people there to consider printing and selling maps of my local area. Most of this last winter has been taken up by the production of this map, which was printed in April and is now availableContinue reading “A new map of the Bulkley Valley”

Buffering (or haloing) text over complex backgrounds using the Screen blend mode

This is a common problem when you are working over a complicated, multi-colour background. Such backgrounds tend to swallow text! Here’s an example, where text lies over a background with a lot of variability in value (darkness). Here’s the same image in greyscale, just to show the pixel values. Out of a total range ofContinue reading “Buffering (or haloing) text over complex backgrounds using the Screen blend mode”

Shaded relief with BlenderGIS, part 2

With the DEM read in, we’re now ready to adjust the many parameters in Blender which determine what we’ll get. Here again is the overall procedure (mentioned in the previous post) . We’re now at step 5. Select the Cycles Renderer Read in the DEM as DEM Create new material Adjust Z scaling Create andContinue reading “Shaded relief with BlenderGIS, part 2”

Shaded relief with BlenderGIS, part 1

Note: This tutorial has now been superseded by a new one which uses Blender 2.8. [The BlenderGIS add-on has now been improved to the point where generating shaded relief is downright easy. So, I have updated this post (April 2017) to reflect how one uses its latest version. Also the latest version of Blender (2.78c).Continue reading “Shaded relief with BlenderGIS, part 1”

Cutting large DEMs into square, partially overlapping tiles

I’ve been doing a lot of shaded relief using Blender, and one practice I’ve developed is feeding Blender square DEM tiles. The DEMs I use in maps tend to be too big for my installation of Blender to handle. One I had recently was 6348 x 10899 pixels; another was 4155 x 3572.  So that’sContinue reading “Cutting large DEMs into square, partially overlapping tiles”

Mapping the travels of Charles Howard-Bury

[Update: an expanded version of this post has been published in Ripcord Adventure Journal, vol. 1, no. 1] I’ve just finished a map for a book that had no map: Mountains of Heaven: Travels in the Tian Shan, 1913. This version of the Charles Howard-Bury’s journals from his travels in what are today eastern KazakhstanContinue reading “Mapping the travels of Charles Howard-Bury”